Let’s be honest. One of the reasons that alternative treatments are oftentimes considered to be “quackery” is because some of the alternative treatments ARE QUACKERY. And as a result, ALL treatments which are not “mainstream” are thrown into the “quackery bucket.”

I’m sure that if you’ve been searching for alternative treatments, you’ve seen the “underground treatments and cures” books that “they” don’t want you to know about… books that contain “secret” cures for almost every ailment on planet earth! While some of these books are definitely legitimate and contain proven cures, others just don’t live up to their promises and contain inaccurate (and sometimes dangerous) information. While there is no doubt that the authors of these books have good intentions, the truth is that good intentions don’t cure disease… solid, scientific treatments do.

I was recently contacted by a person suffering from cancer, and she told me that her “alternative” caregiver told her that the secret to curing the cancer was to eat 3 Pringles potato chips each day. No, I’m not making this up. Can you believe that? How absurd! But this proves the point that not everyone who claims to know about “alternative” treatments should be believed…

When searching for a treatment for your particular ailment, without a doubt, the most important question to ask is “Is there peer-reviewed scientific research to support the use of this particular treatment?”

Unfortunately, for many alternative treatments, the answer is “NO.”

Along comes “Work With Your Doctor”…

“Work With Your Doctor To Diagnose and Cure 27 Ailments With Safe and Natural Methods” is a book that contains scientific research and studies to support EVERY TREATMENT that is contained in its 500+ pages.  Again, let me reiterate. There are scientific studies (from highly respected research institutions, publications, and medical schools) to support EVERY TREATMENT in this book, and the abstracts of the studies, with complete references, are contained as well.

Why would the authors put forth the effort to include the studies in the book? Because they believe that it is important that you form a partnership with your doctor. In other words, you should form a “medical team.” When you are forming this team with your doctor and you initially begin to discuss alternative treatments, it’s likely that the first question he or she will ask you, and rightly so, is “Where are the studies?”  Now, you can honestly tell your doctor, “The studies are in the book.”

You see, the GOOD NEWS is that there are viable natural treatments available for almost every ailment under the sun. The BAD NEWS is that your doctor has probably never heard of them.  However, if your doctor has integrity, then he or she will be willing to read through the studies and learn about these treatments. In the words of Socrates, “True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.” If your doctor is not willing to learn, then find another doctor.

Physicians going through the current medical system quickly learn that memorization, subservience to the authority of their senior professors, and unquestioned obedience is the easiest way (and virtually the only way) they can complete medical school in today’s system. They are also constantly brainwashed into believing this is the best medicine in the world. Have pity for those that are unable to break from this powerful system, but do not settle for them as your trusted partner in medical care. Seek the wisest and strongest that have survived the system and continued to learn a more comprehensive and better way to practice. The good news is that they do still exist. 


Just look at what several respected physicians are saying about this groundbreaking book:



Following are a few of the astonishing, essentially unknown, but scientifically documented natural treatments contained in this remarkable book:


check-purpleDue to its antioxidant properties, this little known herb resulted in “significant improvement in attention span and memory” for Alzheimer’s disease patients. See pages 87-88. The study was reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

check-purpleA common everyday holiday spice, when added to a glass of water, “could reduce risk factors associated with diabetes and cardiovascular disease.” See page 124. The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine & The Journal of the American College of Nutrition published these studies.

check-purpleThis natural sweetener, found in the fibers of many fruits and vegetables, has been shown to have a “preventative effect against earaches.” See page 127. Study printed in the Pediatrics Journal.

check-purpleThis study, printed in the prestigious European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, indicated that the combination of these two common household herbs/foods exhibited “a significant synergistic effect of antimi-crobial activity” and was effective at killing the E.coli bacteria. See pages 131-132.

check-purpleMultiple studies show that this extract is extremely effective at curing up to 10 strains of the flu virus. In one study published in the Journal of International Medical Research, 90% of Norwegian influenza patients who took this extract were back to normal within three days.  See page 156.

check-purpleThis little-known mushroom from China has been shown to have a broad range of pharmacological and biological actions on the liver, kidneys, heart, and immune system and it has been successfully used to treat lupus. (page 160)  The study was published in Clinical and Experimental Medicine.

check-purpleResearch published by the US Department of Health and Human Services and National Institutes of Health indicates that after 24 hours of exposure to this unique liquid, no live spirochetes of borrellia burgdorferi (the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease) survived.  page 365

check-purpleA distinctive substance discovered in 1941 by a biochemist may hold the secret to curing Multiple Sclerosis, but only when it is combined with a common mineral. Evaluation of over 3,000 MS patients over the course of several years proved that this unique combination not only virtually eradicated MS, but it also protected the patients from cancer. Tests performed in 1971 in Munster, Germany indicated that this amazing substance sealed the cell membranes and prevented “lipid peroxidation” which (by definition) causes great oxidative stress within the cells.

check-purpleCould it be possible that consuming these two “forbidden substances” might be effective in treating Parkinson’s disease? A study published in Biochemical Pharmacology indicates that the answer to that question is, “YES.”  See page 185

check-purpleWorried about Bubonic Plague? You shouldn’t be…not if you know about these two medicinal herbs that attack and destroy Yersinia pestis, the bacteria that causes the Plague. Groundbreaking studies were performed in China and also published in Phytochemical Analysis. See page 195

check-purpleArthritis pain? Laboratory findings at Michigan State University suggest that eating one bowl of this fruit inhibits enzymes called cyclooxygenase-1 and cyclooxygenase -2 (the targets of anti-inflammatory drugs) and provides pain relief for arthritis sufferers. See page 198

check-purpleThis interesting fruit (which most folks believe is a vegetable) contains a compound that has been shown to be effective in treating tuberculosis. One of the most notable studies was published in The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease. See page 201

check-purpleResearch performed at the Imperial University of Kyoto and published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal indicates that this genus of fruits contains specific vitamins which eradicate pertussis (“whooping cough”) within 1 to 2 weeks.  See pages 213-217  and 476-481.


The above examples represent only a few of the scientifically supported natural treatments contained in this book. The book also contains natural treatments for the following ailments:





Why Have I Never Heard of These Treatments?

Good question! The fact is that most doctors don’t even know about these treatments because they have never heard about them in medical school, which are supported in large part by multinational pharmaceutical companies. As such, the curriculum in 99% of US medical schools is “drug intensive” and does not focus on natural healing.  You see, from the first day of medical school, doctors are brainwashed into believing the myth that disease can only be treated with drugs. Remember, doctors are human too, and most of them have a tendency to believe that not only what they were taught in medical school must be true, but they also believe that what they were not taught must not be important!  

I want to make it clear that I firmly believe that most doctors are altruistic champions for their patients and sincerely want what is best for them. Make no mistake, I wholeheartedly believe that most physicians make decisions based upon what they think is best for the patient. “Think” being the key word. Unfortunately, most doctors don’t even consider natural treatments that they were not taught in medical school, no matter how effective they might be.  Also remember that your doctor receives upwards of 90% of his or her continuing education from the “prestigious” medical journals; you know, the ones so prominently displayed on the cabinets in their office. 

It would be nice to think of medical journals as these bastions of truth and light that have no bias, but in fact, they’re businesses, and they make their advertising money (over 90%) from pharmaceutical company ads. Obviously, the pharmaceutical companies make more money (hundreds of billions of dollars per year) when people are sick than when they’re healthy.  This being so, there is absolutely no incentive for them to promote health. Their goal, I’m sad to say, is to merely alleviate symptoms without actually curing the disease. This insures a “repeat customer” (to use typical business lingo).


It reminds me of an old Chinese proverb:

The superior doctor prevents sickness; the mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness; the inferior doctor treats actual sickness.” However, the problem is not the doctors … it is the system. 

The fact of the matter is that no drug can cure anything, because drugs don’t have all the active constituents needed to heal or cure. As a result, patients “appear” to recover, but eventually they get sicker and sicker.

Little known to the patients, the “medicines” they are taking are actually creating more and more long-term serious conditions, which require more and more stronger and stronger “medicines,” which cause them to get sicker and sicker.

Did you know that prescription drugs kill over 100,000 Americans each and every year?  Did you know that prescription drugs injure over two million Americans each and every year? These figures are straight from the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The truth of the matter is that most physicians care and their goal is to assist their patients in recovering from illness or pain. But they may be lacking the proper “road map” to accomplish this noble goal. “Work With Your Doctor” is a manuscript of inestimable value that may just provide the missing road map.






This is No "Ordinary" Medical Book

Never before has a book of this magnitude been made available to the public. This book is unique because of the fact that it focuses on treating the cause of diseases rather than merely mitigating symptoms AND the fact that it encourages patients and doctors to form a “medical team” and work together to treat disease.

Rest assured, every natural treatment discussed in “Work With Your Doctor” has been carefully researched and painstakingly fact-checked and includes over 500 peer-reviewed, published medical research and scientific studies that assure the accuracy of the treatments included in this book. These studies can (and should) be shared with your doctor.

Most folks just don’t understand enough about basic physiology and medicine to be able to effectively (and safely) treat themselves and control their particular disease. Teaming up with their doctor is essential, because it is quite likely that the doctor has knowledge without which the patient will be unable to successfully treat his or her disease.

Treating disease should be more scientific than “throwing jello at the wall and hoping that something sticks.” Unfortunately, this is the approach that many patients adopt when they decide to use natural treatments. They load up on as many treatments as possible and “hope that one of them works. We feel that this is an unwise approach. Forming a medical team with your doctor will insure that science is in the forefront of treatment options and your choices are based upon peer-reviewed studies, rather than fairy tales, folklore, and anectodal stories.

And when your doctor sees “the science behind the treatments, he or she will be utterly amazed by the phenomenal information contained in the book and its level of documentation! But don’t worry, despite its voluminous and meticulously documented research, this book is easy to read and understand.


Easy To Understand?

How is it possible to write a book in simple language, so that both doctors and patients will benefit from it? Easy. One of the co-authors (Dr. Farley) is a natural medical doctor and the other co-author (Ty Bollinger) is not a doctor. This is a powerful combination when presenting material in such a manner as to be understood by doctors and non-doctors alike.

But most importantly, it contains information which is literally priceless. In the words of Dr. Paul J. LaRochelle, a respected oncologist from Florida, “When I started reading this book I couldn’t put it down.  It was filled with Dr. Farley’s knowledge and experience in the herbal side of his medicine combined with the passion and informative information from Ty Bollinger.

Work With Your Doctor is being used regularly by progressive doctors who want to avoid treating patients with dangerous (and sometimes deadly) prescriptions that have a multitude of deliterious side effects. Dr. Mireille Fanous is one such doctor. In her own words, “Work With Your Doctor is an easy book to read; in spite of this, every recommendation provided is also supported by solid research that the reader can share with his or her health care provider.  This makes this wonderful book a treasure trove of ‘clinical pearls’ that I, as a practicing ND, have found very valuable.

But this book not only contains scientifically documented and thoroughly researched natural treatments for over 2 dozen ailments and diseases, it also contains a section on the 20 most important herbs to have in your medicine cabinet.


About the Authors

Written by Dr. Michael Farley and edited by Ty Bollinger, “Work With Your Doctor To Diagnose and Cure 27 Ailments With Safe and Natural Methods” is destined to become another best-selling book for these popular authors.

Dr. Michael Farley is a naturopathic medical doctor (NMD) who began his early studies in Oriental Medicine at the age of 4. By the time he was 12 years old, Dr. Farley had learned how to control the autonomic nervous system (heart rate, breathing, and fine motor coordination). During his teen years, he was instructed in herbal medicine and classical acupuncture and physiotherapy along with the martial arts of Tai Chi Chuan and Kempo. For seven years, Dr. Farley was taught advanced Oriental Medicine by Dr. Buni Toma, M.D. who continued his education in herbal medicine with added emphasis on herbal chemistry and its use in conjunction with allopathic medicine. Dr. Farley attended George Mason University and George Washington University where he obtained a BS in Zoology and did post-graduate work focused on forensic pathology. Dr. Farley eventually studied advanced Oriental Medicine under Dr. Soo Young (Peter) Cha. Dr. Farley designed, developed and patented five medical orthotic devices for the equine industry, including the “Farley Compression Boot” which was mandated at all major racetracks in North America and several other countries. Dr. Farley earned master instructor degrees in Tae Kwon Do (Korean Martial arts), Ho Sin Sul, and Korean Judo. He used this knowledge to teach combat and survival skills to specialized federal personnel from several diverse federal agencies. For almost a decade in the 1980’s, Dr. Farley was a Forensic Pathology and Physiology consultant for the U.S. Department of Justice.

Ty Bollinger is the author of the best-selling book “Cancer–Step Outside the Box.”  After losing several family members to cancer (including his mother and father), Ty refused to accept the notion that chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery were the most effective treatments available for cancer patients. He began a quest to learn all he possibly could about alternative cancer treatments and the medical industry. What he uncovered was shocking. There is ample evidence to support the allegation that the “war on cancer” is largely a fraud and that multinational pharmaceutical companies are “running the show.” In 2006, after almost a decade of cancer research, he published Cancer – Step Outside the Box which (now in its 5th edition) has become a best-seller (over 100,000 copies sold) and has been called the “most eye-opening book since 1984.” 

In 2011, Dr. Farley and Ty Bollinger co-authored “A Guide to Understanding Herbal Medicines and Surviving the Coming Pharmaceutical Monopoly.”

Please watch the video from Dr. Farley explaining why pharmaceutical drugs don't work as well as natural herbs because they are merely man-made “copies” of herbal medicines. Then watch Ty Bollinger explain the importance of the immune system in fighting disease and toxicity.


Here is what a few more experts are
saying about this amazing book:


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